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Upcoming Events

Student Leadership Workshop
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
July 24, 2015

Pharmacy Leader's Group Meeting
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
July 24, 2015

Pharmascript Submission Deadline
Topics: medication safety & student/resident research
September 1, 2015

Antimicrobial Stewardship CE Dinner
UM Southern Management Campus Ctr
September 15, 2015

Fall Seminar & Residency Showcase
The Hotel at Arundel Preserve
November 13-14, 2015


Board Meetings

August 20 (Board Only)
September 17
October 15 (Board Only)
November 19
December 17 (Board Only)


Student Leadership Development Workshop 
July 24, 2015 @ The Johns Hopkins Hospital
MSHP is pleased to host its first Student Leadership Development Workshop on Friday, July 24th! The goal of this workshop is to spark student awareness of and interest in leadership opportunities within our profession. Programming will include presentations by leaders in health-system pharmacy from across the state, as well as an interactive component featuring group presentations. The MSHP Pharmacy Leadership Group (PLG) will be meeting concurrently with the Workshop, providing opportunities to network with Maryland pharmacy leaders. Learn more...

Annual Pharmacy Leader's Group (PLG) Meeting
July 24, 2015 @ The Johns Hopkins Hospital
The annual meeting of the Pharmacy Leader's Group will take place Friday, July 24th at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.  The primary focus of the meeting will be technician training and development, and stakeholders from pharmacy technician training programs have been invited to join the discussion.  Learn more about the day's agenda and registration. 

MSHP Career Center
Advertise your hospital's open pharmacy positions on the MSHP Career Center today!  Get more information and post your job description here.

PPMI Hospital Self-Assessment Survey
According to ASHP, about 42% of hospitals in Maryland have completed the PPMI self-assessment survey.  The tool consists of questions that assess the adoption of PPMI recommendations to significantly advance the health and well being of patients by supporting futuristic practice models that support the most effective use of pharmacists as direct patient care providers.  If your hospital has yet to complete this survey, it is highly encouraged for the benefit of your own hospital practices.  In addition, it will advance MSHP's goal towards having all hospitals in Maryland complete the survey.  Click here to learn more and prepare your survey today!


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